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Traditionally, Chiropractic care is the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injuries by the use of manual manipulations known as an adjustment to improve joint mobility. At South Bay, the skilled chiropractors use adjustments, as well as supporting soft tissue techniques to address tight and overused muscles, to restore optimal movement and get you back on your feet!

Every person is different, as are their injuries. At South bay, The combination of top notch assessment methods with gold standard manual techniques allows our Chiropractor to dive deeper into determining the root cause of your specific pain or injury. A personalized treatment plan is then developed that is unique

to you! It will address improving  your movement, posture,

gait, and even lifestyle and exercise recommendations. 

The Benefits of chiropractic treatment at South Bay are vast: 

  • Aligning your spine and restoring proper mobility to your joints helps enhance your recovery. 

  • Improved blood flow to your joints and muscles, optimizing your ability to heal and improving your flexibility

  • With the use of our state of the art flexion-distraction tables, we can ease pressure on herniated discs and nerve pain. 

  • Relieves muscle tension 

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