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Is functional nutrition right for you?  The functional nutrition program at South Bay benefits a large population of patients with a wide variety of conditions including autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS/Crohn’s, GERD and acid reflux, hypertension, difficulty losing weight, diabetes, insulin resistance, thyroid dysfunction, rheumatoid arthritis, memory and cognitive impairment, constipation, diverticulosis, candida or yeast overgrowth, and many more.

Whether you’re feeling chronically fatigued or suffering from an autoimmune disorder, chances are these symptoms aren’t manifesting at random. Most symptoms are the result of an internal imbalance or lifestyle deficiency, such as inactivity, poor diet, or chronic stress. With conventional medicine models, most symptoms are addressed through medication and don’t look at the indication of disease. That’s what makes functional medicine different; instead of treatment focused on alleviating symptoms, functional medicine reveals the underlying reason the symptoms exist.

Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition, as a part of functional medicine, is a systems biology-based approach to medicine that focuses on getting to the root cause of disease, and addresses it with nutrition and  lifestyle change. We test genetics, nutrient status, hormones, and even gastrointestinal imbalances. We work on healing your body from the inside out with specific diet, physical activity, and supplement recommendations tailored to you.


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