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Jennifer Keen-Hasemann

Licensed Massage Therapist

Jennifer is a highly skilled massage therapist who was educated at NY College of Health Professions (2006) as well as CATA Institute in Manhattan (2018) and she completed a year long internship at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Her education was comprehensive and covered several advanced massage modalities. She has additional certifications in Oncology Massage, Level 1 Reiki and manual lymphatic drainage. 


Jennifer brings an effective and therapeutic treatment for the whole body by applying various modalities during her sessions.  She is well versed in medical massage, soft-tissue manipulation and injury prevention/rehabilitation. Additionally, she has an athletic background which helps her critique sessions for our athletes/fitness focused clientele.  She has worked through her own ACL reconstruction surgery and is greatly beneficial to work in conjunction with post-knee surgery treatment protocols. She understands how important it is to help clients heal so they can get back to the activities they love.

Jennifer is a clear communicator during her intake and customizes each treatment with multiple factors in mind.  She commands a comprehensive understanding of the human body and it's movement patterns and listens to the body to guide her treatment approach. Her many years of experience, along with numerous advanced trainings,  have helped her to become a  successful practitioner. She uses an integral approach to body work and wellness that helps people take a broader look at what they can do daily to vastly improve their quality of life and athletic lifestyle. 

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