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Fall into a routine of making your health a priority this season!

It is officially September and with this change in season, summer vacations are over, the sun is setting earlier, and the kids are getting ready for school. As the kid’s start school, it means back to work for all of our beloved teachers and school staff, and back into a routine for all families. The teacher’s hit the ground running with organizing and cleaning classrooms to get them ready for the school year. The countless boxes of supplies and decorations in order to spruce up the room and create a perfect learning environment are brought in and set up.

With all the carrying, bending, and reaching, it is important to warm the body back into this “work gear” for the rest of the year. In order to prevent any small twinges or tightness, it is necessary to stretch and strengthen the neck, back, and core muscles. Even small movements or lifting small objects off the floor can cause sharp pains if the body is not ready for them. A quick routine of stretching and muscle activation to start the day can help eliminate those episodes. Check out our reel on three moves to help stretch your back out:

The newly daily schedule of getting up early, working for seven hours in the classroom and returning home to take care of home duties or loved ones will take up most of your day; however make sure to make your health a priority and part of your new routine! A short 15-20 minute stretching or bodyweight exercise routine will do wonders for you. The benefits of exercise is not just to tone the body or lose weight, but also increase your endorphins and release dopamine and serotonin to help your stress and boost your mental health.

A few sessions of body work with a chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist or physical therapist will help take care of those annoying "knots" and painful movement to get your back into a smooth painless fall routine!

Come in to South Bay Movement + Wellness for help on setting up the optimal stretch and exercise routine custom for you and your schedule with our Chiropractors and Physical Therapist!

Written: Dr. Nate Schilling, DC

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